2 or 3 Bedroom Cottage in the rural East Yorkshire, offering lovely views over the Yorkshire Wolds

As we are an arable farm (this means we grow crops) you will have loads of opportunities to see tractors, the combine and other interesting machinery.  Sadly we don’t have lots of farm animals for you to see all year round.



Occasionally we do have some sheep to stay. 

Graham’s cousin Andy does have many sheep and sometimes he runs out of grass fields to put them in so they come and live with us for a month or two. 

If your break it at one of these times they will be in the grass paddocks in front of the cottage.

Tommy the Cat

Tommy came to live with us when he was a small ball of fluff.  He had been found by a friend all on his own in her garden.  She took care of him for a few weeks but wasn’t able to keep him so he came to us in Spring 2010 and quickly made himself at home. 

Two years later he had a bit of an accident damaging his leg so now he only has 3 legs.  It has not slowed him down one bit he can still climb and run fast, the only small problem he has is that is now doesn’t corner all that well! 

He is very friendly and loves to be fussed (okay when he is in the mood, he is a cat after all)


Rosie the Ferret

For those of you who are not familiar with ferrets here is a little information.  A ferret is not as many people think a rodent, they are part of the Mustelidae family which also includes weasels, badgers and otters.  A ferret is in fact the domesticated form of the European polecat.  Male ferrets are called hobs and the female is a jill.

Rosie is a jill ferret.  She was born sometime in 2012 and she came to live with us (Thomas in particularly) in 2014.  A friend moved away from the area to work and couldn’t take her with him so Thomas was delighted to have her as his pet.  She is really friendly and doesn’t bite!  She does sleep for about 18 to 20 hours a day, just like a teenager!  If you would like to meet her just let us know and we can sort that out for you.

Timmy the Dog

Timmy is the newest addition to our household.  He came to us June 2016 after being rescued by a charity.  We think he had just turned 2 years at that time. 

Now what breed is he?  That is a good question most people agree with us that he must have some corgi and probably Jack Russell in his breeding, anyone with different opinions please let me know. 

He is really friendly, loves to play and enjoys human company.  He is now in training to be the Welcome Party for guests taking over from our much loved Oscar who did the job from 2009.



We have some rather elderly chickens that spend their days pottering around the farmyard.  They do still lay some eggs but have mastered the art of hiding them.  Let us know if you spot some.

Oscar the Dog

Those of you who have visited the cottage before will have met Oscar.  Sadly we lost him Easter 2016.  He is missed by us and all the guests that he made friends with over the years.


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